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New features in VNP recruitment in the year 2018

To meet the candidates' various prerequisites, in 2018, the Vietnam – The Netherlands has carried out some improvements in recruitment process and curriculum.


 Review course (Mon - Fri evening)



18:00 - 20:30

 Review course (Tue - Thu evening)



18:00 - 20:30

 Deadline to apply




 Entrance examination





August 2018

November 2018


* Total recruitment quota: 60 students

This change is expected to shorten the gap between review course and entrance exam, saving candidates' time and offer them a second chance to enroll to VNP.

THE QUANTITATIVE SKILLS ASSESSMENT, in replacement of Mathematics and Statistics

Under the agreement of UEH, VNP Scientific Committee decided to replace Mathematics and Statistic with the Quantitative Skills Assessment in the entrance examination. To follow, candidates will take two subjects, Economics and Quantitative Skills Assessment. Mathematics and Statistic will be taught in the official curriculum.


The quality of VNP theses has been improved over time in a way that they are becoming highly academic and several of them have been published in international academic journals. Based on this success, this year VNP opens a second gateway to thesis research: The Applied Research Thesis (ART) that aims to systematically solve practical problems at organization where students work. In order words, ART is a new form of thesis that is more practical at organizational level.

ART will be a research that applies economics knowledge and analytical skills to solve a specific problem at an organization. Students at VNP will learn the knowledge of economics, finance and analytical skills, and at the same time learn the way to apply these knowledge and skills to solve practical problems for the organization they are working at. Through ART, students will see how economic knowledge can help decision makers finding evidence-based solutions for problems they are facing. The ART will be a very good opportunity for VNP students to learn the art of combining economics and analytical skills to support decision making process of firms and organizations.


In September 2017, Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) awarded Quality Seal to VNP, certifying that the program has satisfactorily met with all requirements of a world-recognized quality graduate programme. FIBAA is an accreditation organization based in Switzerland which operates around the globe.

The 5-year Quality Seal (15/09/2017 – 15/09/2022) is the testimony of VNP meeting 37 criteria and exceeding 12 criteria in the assessment
FIBAA's assessment committee consisted of eight professors and scholars from prestigious universities worldwide. They examined VNP's curriculum and academic management system from March to May 2017 and then conducted the peer review process from 10 to 12 May 2017.

The FIBAA's Quality Seal reconfirms VNP's reputation in graduate education in development economics in Vietnam.